Julia Proft

Photo of Julia and canine companion Brandy

Hello. My name is Julia Proft, and I am a PhD student in computer science at Cornell University, working in robotics.

The guiding principle for all of my work is that of efficient information transfer. I strive to make my writing and illustration clear, accessible, and self-explanatory, such that it can be understood with minimal processing. Similarly, in my research, my goal is to make robots that can deeply understand the world around them with minimal processing. To obtain this understanding, robots must be driven to comprehend their environment, know how to gather the information they seek, and be able to organize and utilize that information when carrying out tasks. Having these abilities will make robots highly context-aware and able to use their awareness to complete tasks more efficiently, more effectively, and with fewer explicit instructions from humans.

I conduct my research under the supervision of Prof. Ross Knepper and as a member of the Robotic Personal Assistants Lab. Details about projects in our lab and a list of publications can be found on our lab website.

If you would like to contact either me or my dog, we can be reached via courier pigeon at jproftcs.cornell.edu.